July 15, 2006

Daddy Tattoo From Flickr


Just spotted this photo in the sidebar; it's from the fathers & babies photoset on flickr, and it's of a dad with his daughter's handprints inked on his back. Reminded me of the dad tattoo post a few months back. Also reminded me that I need some sun.

dad & baby photos on flickr, via mseratt99 [flickr.com]
previously: babies & tattoos & you


Wow. How's they get it all handprint-y looking? Those tatoo artists can do some amazing things.

That reminds me strongly of a friend's tattoo. Her baby boy was stillborn, and she got his footprints and name tattooed on her shoulder. Getting the tattoo helped her through her grief.

thats amazing my boyfriend are actually going to get his daughters handprint also

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