July 15, 2006

Baby On Deck? Custom Skateboards


People get tattoos all the time commemorating the birth of their kids. And skaters have been known to put a lot of thought into the design of their decks. But I've never heard of anyone creating a skateboard design that revolves around their kid before. Why is that?

Now it turns out there's a company, BoardPusher.com, which lets you design your own skateboard deck in one of 6 sizes. They look good enough, though I don't know how good these decks actually are, but it sure would make making a baby-related skateboard almost as fun as making a baby.

[those are little feet on the tail, btw.]

Blanks are $49 at Boardpusher [boardpusher.com via make]

{update: mathowie's new stick arrived. it looks awesome.]


check out baby's first (hand-painted) axe from uncle greggy-no:

[NOW we're talking. thnx -ed.]


1.) If you get pictures of your kid on it and grind the deck, you'll be grinding your kid's face off. Creepy and disturbing.

2.) Shouldn't those only come as longboards? Because, you know, guys with kids only skate longboards according to that article you posted about a while back.

3.) We put our kid's ultrasound pictures in our picture frame coasters. People thought that was weird.

[1) true enough, but if you tattoo your kid's pic on your chest, then get manboobs, it distorts his face. Isn't that disturbing, too? 2) Guess they don't keep up on the hot trends by reading USA Today. 3) that is weird. Please send pics. -ed.]

Sent you a pic last night to greg.org account.

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