July 14, 2006

Stealing A Baby's Identity Seems Pretty Easy

OK, so the story's a couple of years old now, as is little Andrew, who's probably gotten into plenty of trouble with the credit card companies all by himself now, but still.

This story about a 5-month-old baby having his identity stolen seems totally unsurprising to me:

"Not only the child's name first, middle and last but the parents', plus the parents' Social Security numbers and mother's maiden name for each of us," said John [Andrew's father, 05/03/72, SSN 754-00-0399]. "Everything needed to establish a fake ID."

Alright, his parents' SSN's points to a hospital or insurance form somewhere. But every time I read a list in the local paper of babies born this week in such-and-such hospital to so-and-so, I think how easy it'd be to, if not steal a kid's identity, at least start sending a bunch of pizzas and catalogues to their house.

I even surfed hospital notices from random cities online for naming ideas. It's where I got the name "Oprah."

5-Month-Old Baby's Identity Stolen [abcnews via consumerist

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I stole a baby's identity once. I created credit cards, driver's licenses and marriage certificates. Hell, the identity has worked for over 31 years, and no one's ever going to figure me out.

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