July 13, 2006

"Put Them In The Hardwood Maiden"


They have ways of making children talk in Denmark, and Zygote Daddy's mother has just bought one of them. That kid better eat every bite of herring on its [d'oh, I mean his] plate...

sort of a late mother's day post [zygotedaddy via dutch at bloggingbaby]

Previously: hmm, need a crib to go with that?

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Before we visited my dad in May, he called me to let me know that I wouldn't need to ship a high chair to his house like I was planning to do. He had found a fabulous one at a flea market, just like the one that he (and his six brothers and sisters) had used when he was a kid. When we arrived, we found one of those.

I'm afraid I don't have any pictures; I was pretty preoccupied making sure she didn't slide out under the tray.

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