July 13, 2006

Los Pollitos Dicen.... !Comprarme!

los_pollitos.jpgWhen some Miami-raised Cubanos met up in Nashville--que paso with that?--and realized there was a serious shortage of cool, latin-inflected baby clothing, they decided to do something about it. The result: Los Pollitos Dicen, named after the first line of a classic Spanish lullaby. [It's on the site, along with a translation, just in case the only Spanish word you know is "!Gooooooooooooooooooall!".]

Anyway, LPD t-shirts and bodysuits come in caliente colors for sizes from 3 months and up. They have cute little pollito drawings and palabra or two [with appropriate upside-down punctuation]: "Candela" ["spunky", not, as I originally thought, "bluedart"]; "!Fo!" ["peeew!"]; "!Feliz Cumpleanos!" [come on, you know that, at least]; "?Upa?" ["pick me up?"] and, "Pio, Pio, Pio," which is, after all, what los pollitos dicen.

Te gusta? They're $24 online, or at a retailer near you [assuming you're in Nashville or one of a dozen other cities]. [lospollitosdicen.biz, via carrie, one of the mamahens]


not to be a nudge, but your "gooooo...al" in espanol shouldn't have an 'a'.

Try ALT+168 for an inverted question mark and
ALT+173 for an inverted exclamation mark.

[thanks, but now I want to see a Onesie for Latino geek babies that says "ALT+173Hola!" -ed.]

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