July 13, 2006

DTBBC: The Little King, The Little Queen, The Little Monster

Book: The Little King, The Little Queen, The Little Monster
Story and illustrations: Ruth Krauss [wikipedia]
Reviewed by: Jennifer

What makes the book "The Little King, The Little Queen, the Little Monster (and other stories you can make up yourself)" by Ruth Krauss "bizarre" is not so much the story line, but the illustrations. The
three stories are nearly identical, only the main character changing... little boy wishing to be a king, little girl wishing to be a queen, and little monster wishing to be a little boy. In each case, a good fairy grants their wishes, eliciting horror from their parents who run to get the police. Before the parents return, the
children and the monster decide they would like to go back to their original states. Drawn by the author herself, the scratchy scribble illustrations drawn only in black ink with yellow highlights are so endearing and emotive. Not many adults can make drawings that actually look like a little kid drew them.

I just finished up a trip to my folks where they pleaded for me to clear out some boxes of my stuff from their basement. When i saw the cover, my heart went pitter patter with fond memories. I happily packed this one up to bring home for the little munchkin to enjoy.

[ed. note: Krauss wrote The Carrot Seed and did some great books with Maurice Sendak, so she officially rocks in this night kitchen.]

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We also have "A Hole is to Dig" (illustrated by Maurice Sendak), which is pretty cute. She does a good job capturing kinds of things kids would say (for all I know, she just took quotes from kids).

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