July 12, 2006

Where All The Non-Toxic Strollers At?

All that PVC in the raincover traps the carcinogenic off-gassing from the flame-retardant nylon fabric. But then cotton cultivation accounts for a third of all the world's pesticide use. Besides a hemp sling, where's an environmentally conscious parent to turn for a stroller that won't poison your newborn? OK, technically there aren't waves of newborns being choked by their Chiccos, but still. Even if the IQ point that gets shaved off doesn't keep your green baby out of Harvard in '25, with all this plastic and petroleum-based stroller manufacturing, the rising oceans will have swallowed Cambridge whole by then anyway.

So I'll ask again--or actually, I'll just point to Treehugger, where they already asked--are there baby gear options out there that don't involve toxic or environmentally unsustainable manufacturing and materials? And if so, how do you find them?

Reader Question: Non-Toxic Baby Stroller [treehugger.com via dt reader kaz]
Previously [wow, almost two years to the day. eerie.]: Bamboo Strollers

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I'm always shocked at how over-used the plastic covers are used. Yesterday, I saw an overheated baby trapped in one long before it started to rain. And people seem to think that having a baby in the plastic is pretty much o.k. from Dec. 1 to March 31.

It seems to me that the rain covers not only trap all those petrochemical vapors, but also they trap baby's breath and probably raise the CO2 in there.

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