July 12, 2006

DTBBC: Who Cares About Disabled People?


Title: Who Cares About Disabled People?
Author: No one had the guts to claim authorship, though a copyright is held by M. Twinn.
Illustrator: Pam Adams
Reviewed by: AJ at Thingamababy
ISBN: 0-85953-351-4

I picked this book up at a warehouse sale for a toy store going out of business. The book reads like an encyclopedia of human frailties and failings.

Its message is that we should be accepting of disabled people and "when you are friends you do not notice handicaps." However, almost everyone qualifies as disabled by the author's many bizarre examples. [read the full review at Thingamababy.]

[ed. note: sounds like the idea is, we're all different in our own way, but still, huffers?? That rocks. "when you are friends you do not notice the aerosol paint ring around your passed out friend's mouth."]

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