July 12, 2006

AJ Pierzynski Singlehandedly Debunks Baby-Parading Theory


More empirical proof that baby-parading doesn't work if:

  • you're on national television.
  • you're talking to Chris Berman.
  • you're at the Home Run Derby.
  • you wrap your kid's head like a Japanese gift melon.
  • you're a total tool.

    "Dad, I'm Totally Gonna Get You For This Someday" [deadspin, thanks dt reader mark]


    Do an EBay or Google search for baby hair bows and you will come across a bow subculture that will astound you.

    Until hair sprouts, strangers mistake baby girls for baby boys. At first you ignore it, but then it gets under your skin. The situation can be addressed two ways. First, by embracing everything pink. Second, hair bows.

    [for the record, this is AJ from Thingamababy, not AJ from the White Sox. -ed.]

    Have we ever seen both AJs in the same place at the same time???

    For the record, I am several years older than that weasel. Wearing a hat indoors on television? As if. He should change his nickname.

    As a Giants fan, I can really only add one thing here:

    They need to switch hats in a big way.

    Hey David the Giants fan, thanks for Nathan and Liriano. They wouldn't use a bow.


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