July 11, 2006

Rainbow-Shaped Xylophone By Naef


Designer Heiko Hillig's first toy for Naef was Rainbow, a remarkable freestanding xylophone made of arced strips of ply colored with non-toxic dyes. If the all the different compositions on Nova68's site are any indication, though, the Rainbow is a hit among photo stylists; the kid may never get a chance to play with it.

Then again, at $199, it's the kind of toy you may not ever let the kid play with, anyway.

[update: I don't know about the tonal qualities, but Sparkability sells a very similar toy by Creata called Pipes. They're made from bamboo, so they're even more sustainable. And they're only $19.95. So buy a few and give a hundred bucks to the Sierra Club, and you're still ahead.]
Rainbow, by Heiko Hillig for Naef, $199 [nova68.com]
Naef corporate site [naefspiele.ch]
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