July 11, 2006

Ask A Mormon: What Should I Name My Baby?

When his wife rejected his suggestion of Xena Warrior Princess, Aaron Brown, a contributor to the Mormon groupblog By Common Consent, asked the congregation for some naming suggestions for his soon-to-be-born daughter.

His specifics: no "pretentious euro-names," "no Book of Mormon names," and no wacked out spellings, should work with "Brown." So far so good: among the 100+ genealogy-heavy comments, there are several mentions of Zina [rhymes with--among other words--Dinah], but not a single mention of the Utah Baby Namer.

Choosing Baby Names (or, Help Me Name My Kid!) [bycommonconsent.com]
Previously: Utah Baby Namer


When I lived in Memphis, I encountered "Vulva" and "Chlamydia" at the grocery store within a week of each other. I had a waitress named "Chinaporn" there, too, but I'm fairly certain that it's an innocuous Thai name. Still looked odd on the receipt. (Perhaps that's why my Japanese grandparents named their kids Lily, Morris, Janie, Bobby, Harriet, Doris, and Steve- just in case.)

[was this perhaps a Thai grocery store? -ed.]

That reminds me of the following graphic from The Onion: http://graphics.theonion.com/pics_3848/statshot_3848.jpg

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