July 10, 2006

Vintage Mr. Yuk Commercial

Safety Can Be Fun, you say? Safety can also be a scary acid trip. And for those who saw this Mr. Yuk poison control center PSA in the early 1970's, it can be a nasty flashback. Sorry.

Mr. Yuk Commercial [youtube via waxy]
Mr. Yuk [wikipedia]


I loved these commercials! Er.. I mean, I loved seeing them on I Love the 70's... (yeah, and I never had an Evil Keneival wind-up motorcycle, a Gnip Gnop game, nor a set of cheap plastic Star Trek toys, either).

I wonder if you can still get these stickers anywhere?

OH MY GOD! Talk about a blast from the past! I think I buried my memory of that spot somewhere very, very deep in my unconscious (and for good reason). What the hell were advertisers thinking back then...oh, that's right, people did A LOT of drugs back then (remember the boat ride in Willy Wonka?).

Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to make a link to my site so people can come over and get freaked out!

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom

Goddamn! That is one scary commercial! Which I gather is the point...

Holy crap. I still remember "helping" my mom stick those Mr. Yuk stickers on bottles around the house. Creepy. Even creepier is that I remember the song. It's a wonder we can all function, what with the trippy childhood of the 70s. Kaz, you can get the stickers still; www.mryuk1.com has them.

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