July 10, 2006

Tribeca Stroller Pushers No Like The Cobblestones, Landmarks Hearing No Like The Stroller Pushers

The residents of 44 Laight St, a converted loft condominium building in Tribeca are seeking to have the cobblestones in front of their building replaced with something a little more...stroller-friendly. The Community Board all but chased the petitioners straight into the Holland Tunnel:

You should respect what the neighborhood is, fumed committee member Paul Sipos. You say it is unsightly. I take big exception to that. And as for the trouble with pushing baby strollers, well thats life in the historic district.

The request was swiftly voted down.

Residents Plead to Be Rid of Cobblestones [tribecatribune via curbed, who also has interior shots--which show Picasso's Guernica in the livingroom--of a $5mm loft in the bldg.]


Until I became a stroller-pusher in Beantown I had little awareness of the challenge that 'historic' sidewalks and roadways pose to the elderly, injured, and handicapped. I can't imagine having to deal with quaint brick sidewalks and cobblestones with a walker or wheelchair every day for the rest of my life---a few years of pushing the stroller on them is bad enough.

Another reason we got the Bugaboo - those fat tires roll over all the "quaint" brick sidewalks in Cambridge. I'm hoping they do the same when winter comes and our neighbors fail to shovel their sidewalks.

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