July 10, 2006

Take Your Daughter To Work And To File A Police Report Day

got_ethanol_tshirt.jpgSorry for the total lack of posts today. My wife got to the train station where she'd left the car for the weekend and found it had been broken into by an amateur who couldn't figure out how to hotwire it. A dollar fell out of his pocket, and he didn't even take the EZPass, but he screwed up our day.

The kid and I drove to meet her, then I dropped them off at her office so she could make some calls while I ran to the body shop, signed some towing release, etc., And so the kid was spinning around in her chair, then busy with her post-it note mosaic when she decided to have a drink, then immediately started sobbing to my wife about the "funny water." Turns out she'd tried to drink from a bottle of ethanol on the desk--there were some ants last week--so a minor office fire drill ensued. [Based on the spray bottle's configuration, they figured she couldn't have had more than a tiny taste, and she's fine, but still, it freaked everybody out.]

Where's Mr Yuk when you need him? [Meanwhile, "Got Ethanol?" t-shirts in infant/toddler sizes are right here. $12.99]

Now, on to some posts...


oy. what a day. glad she's ok, and i hope you can have a nice quiet ethanol-free cocktail with excellent tequila tonight.

Geez. I second the "glad she's ok" sentiment. Thanks goodness a little taste is all she got. How's her hangover? Best of luck with the ride.

you know this wouldn't happen if you only gave her sodapop...

funny coincidince, i have a bottle of ethanol sitting on my desk (it needs to go down in the lab to clean mirrors) and yesterday i kept trying to pick it up instead of my water bottle when i wanted a drink.

glad she didn't get too much of the "funny water"

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