July 10, 2006

My First Texas Chainsaw Massacre Collectible

Toys R Who? Looks like Amazon's new toy store is gettin' along just fine, thank you very much, now that they're free of that ol' ball-and-chain Toys R Us. They are ready to PARTY! You know what I'm saying? They got this toy-sellin' biz DOWN, know what I'm saying? It's called thinkin' OUTSIDE THE BOX.


Which is why they're selling this Leatherface collectible figurine ["...sure to be a crowd pleasers. (sic) Includes removable severed arm, chainsaw and deluxe base."] as a birth-to-24 months toy. [See the fullsized screenshot on flickr.]

A special note to California residents: the health hazards associated with the lead content of this ceramic product requires Prop. 65 notification. So don't let your newborn suck on the severed arm for prolonged periods.

Amazon Toys & Games: Birth to 24 Months: Action Figures & Accessories [amazon, via dt reader nicole]

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