July 10, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: Punkfarm


Title: Punkfarm [overbaked flash site]
Author/Illustrator: Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Reviewed by: Jennifer

A bunch of barnyard animals stage a raging rock concert after their farmer goes to sleep. And in the morning, they're partied out. I dont know if this is too bizarre, as I adore it and my daughter loves it at 6 months, but its pretty funky!

[ed note: looks more like an office colleague band than actual punks. Still, their farmer/boss is lucky they didn't stage a socialist revolution--just sang about it.]


And its soon to be a movie from Dreamworks animation.... [boston herald story]

Go Jarrett!

we've been reading my son this book for over a year now....its THE BEST. My husband has his punk way of reading it and I read it in a more rock/ blues way. My son loves loves LOVES it and we had to actually buy another cause he over-used the first one. Ok that it. Did I mention my family likes this book?

i'm glad to see others like this book!
thanks for posting my words about it and i hope it finds more fans :)

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