July 9, 2006

ugh: anyone know their way around mySQL?

You: a mySQL geek sitting at home. it's cold and rainy. You've sprained your ankle and can't play ball. The family's off at the mall. Your cable's out. You hit refresh, but none of the blogs you read has updated in the last five minutes. Your bookcase is alphabetized. The nursery is painted.

Me: trying to import my old database to a new server, but stuck on #1044 Access Denied messages from phpMyAdmin. Telnet near-illiterate. My command line whiz of a wife is at church, but doesn't know mySQL anyway.

Looking for no strings quickie right now. greg at daddytypes dot com.

[update: thanks to Chris, I think I ID'd the problem. thnx to Eric and Jason for the offers, meanwhile. I may have to switch the tagline to "the weblog for new dads in IT."]

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