July 6, 2006

Johnny, Who Is Our Next Contest Prize Sponsor? Alexander Girard Pillows, Come On Down!


That's right, Bob, as design director at Herman Miller, Alexander Girard practically defined the color palette of mid-century modernist American design. His bold use of color and his sensitivity to the way folk art and indigenous design resonated with modernist ideals became hallmarks of the era. AND, he painted Braniff Airlines' fleet to look like jelly beans.

modernseed_girard_tshirts.gifIn collaboration with the Girard estate, the folks at Modernseed selected these exclusive designs from Girard's archives in New Mexico for reissue, some on pillows and some on t-shirts. Many were last seen at Girard's innovative New York shop, Textiles & Objects. Try Googling that someday.

Anyway, these Pillows and T-shirts, a $49 and $18 value, respectively, could be yours if the random drawing of book review contest participants is right. Of course, they can be yours by buying them at Modernseed, too.

Remember to have your pet spayed or neutered.

1 Comment

These are pretty nice.

Hey, my initial "entry" is entered in the drawing, right? Otherwise, I better scour the bookshelf a little closer!

[of course. -ed.]

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