July 5, 2006

Ismodern Isawesome, Ishaving A Sale


They grow up so fast. Ismodern was one of the first parent companies I came across after starting daddytypes, and back in the day, their only product was minimalist silk baby blankets.

Since then, they've added a whole range of little girl's clothing, too. And now the spring/summer stuff is on sale. It's gorgeous stuff, with touches of Pucci and Missoni channelled for a Venice Beach preschool.

Stock is limited, and in a couple of months, it'll all get packed into the Volvo and driven up to Stanford, where it'll be doing a double major in Cultural Studies and Comp Sci.

Ismodern Blue Wave Skirt, orig. $68, now $40.80 [ismodern.com, via dt reader and ismodern honcho tami]

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