July 5, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: Busy Penguins [What, No Penguin Sex??]

busy_penguins.jpgTitle: Busy Penguins
Author/Photographer: John Schindel, Jonathan Chester
Reviewed by: Kim

This book has beautiful photography, showing all the things penguins do (splashing, dashing, sliding, diving etc.). And I do mean ALL the things... (okay, there's no penguin sex). We always bring this book when we travel as it is one of my fourteen month old son Oliver's favorites. I love handing this book to unsuspecting adults and watching their face when they get to the page showing "Penguin Pooping". When we visited family there was a domino effect. I gave it to one person to read to Oliver and when they were done they couldn't wait to pass it on so they could watch the face of the next reader. By the end of the week, it was a family joke. Oliver, of course, doesn't blink an eye at all the adult silliness. It will be interesting to see what he thinks later on, when the toilet learning commences.

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One thing I've noticed, and I by no means mean to offend anyone - all these entries are great, but one thing I've noticed is that there are two types of books emerging here:

1) intentional goofy/strange/crazy plots (see any Boynton book),
2) those books whose plots take strange twists, or are totally whacked out, and it doesn't appear the author intended it that way

I find the #2 books to be most interesting, but it is great to see all the #1 books, so I know what to buy for my daughter for her b-day!

[meanwhile, i'm cracking up at your unintentional bathroom references. great stuff! -ed.]

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