July 5, 2006

Bizarre Book Contest: Click, Clack Moo: Cows that type

click_clack_moo.jpgTitle: CLICK, CLACK MOO: Cows that type
Author/Illustrator: Doreen Cronin, Betsy Lewin
Reviewed by: Debbie

It's ostensibly about cows learning valuable administrative skills. It's REALLY about labor unions and socialism.

Synopsis: The cows request blankets for the barn and withhold milk from Farmer Jones until their demands are met. The Ducks are brought in as impartial mediators. It's a great lesson in collective bargaining!

[Ed note: Yeah, I think I did a book report on this one. Don't the ducks sell the cows to the butcher for beer money?]

[Correction: Different book, my bad. But now that I mention it, why ISN'T there a boardbook version of Animal Farm?? Hmm??]


We received that book for our son, and were amused by the loopiness of the story.

DD loves this book. I do too actually. But that's probably b/c I'm a socialist.

We received two copies of this book as a gift from completely unrelated sources when we were expecting our daughter last year. Then again, my husband was known as a leftist activist back in the day.

we own both this book, and Giggle Giggle Quack, both in book and DVD versions. They are all time favorites for our 3 year old. We first started reading them to her at a year and half, and she knows them by heart and just adores them! But you we are Canadian, so we are bound to like the socalist leanings!!!!

EG, I've got you beat: we've received this book as a gift FIVE times. Granted, I am a lawyer, and have represented labor unions. But, still . . . five times? Doreen Cronin owes me.

Luckily, we really like the book. I think I read that Cronin was a lawyer? And probably an avid gardner as well, given her Diary of a Worm.

Best reading ever: haha, Daniel Pinkwater and Scott Simon from 2000.

[thanks, that rocks. -ed.]

i am far from socialist and i think the book is corrupted. if i would have know in the store i would have not bought the nasty thing. i am disgusted that i had to take it away from my 5 year old daughter. which she got from Christmas. so now it will be burned.

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