July 3, 2006

Spy Shots: Dodge Partners With Audi To Bring A2 To US


Audi's revolutionary all-aluminum wagon, the A2, which was one of the coolest not-so-great cars ever [it got phenomenal gas mileage, in the 60mpg range, had tons of trunk space, and came with a glass roof, but you had to take it to the dealer to open the hood] is apparently coming to the US.

Dan Neil reported in the LA TImes last week that under the code name Caliber, Dodge is bringing an all-steel version of the A2--seen above looking the same, only uglier and a full 1,000 lbs heavier--to the US, where it'll be marketed to homophobic tools with a fragile sense of their own masculinity.

The Sport's Gone From This Wagon [latimes]

[Correction: It appears I completely misread the article. The Dodge Caliber is a totally different car, totally unrelated to the Audi A2. It's slower, has horrible handling, and gets worse mileage. Must be that extra half ton. About the only thing Dan Neil likes about it is its looks. My apologies to Audi.]

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Umm, we've had the Caliber up here (Canada) for a while and it seems to be growing in popularity. It won't save the american automakers from the Chinese though...

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