July 2, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: Itsudemo Aeru

itsudemo_aeru.jpgTitle: Itsudemo aeru (We can always meet) [amazon japan]
Author/Illustrator: Mariko Kikuta
Reviewed by: Bakahage

This is a Japanese book that I loved when I lived there (trying to get Mom-in-law to send a copy of it to me...)

It is the story of a little girl, Mika, and her dog, Shiro. The two play every day and love each other very very much. Then one day the little girl dies. Shiro searches for her everywhere, but can't find her. He becomes very very sad and cries himself to sleep. In his dreams he meets Mika again and is so happy. She teaches him that even though she is dead and can't play with him anymore she will always be in his heart. Anytime Shiro wants to play with Mika he can close his eyes and remember all their wonderful times together again. In his dreams they can always meet and play....

There is a small synopsis of the book here [icdlbooks.org]

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Hi there, I'm really enjoying reading all the different book reviews out there. I actually tried to send one and it bounced back twice saying that the mailbox is full. Is anyone else getting that message? Thanks!

[thanks, I agree with you in the reviews. And no sweat on the email, they got through, even though it said it bounced. keep'em coming -ed.]

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