July 1, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: Hush, Little Alien


Title: Hush, Little Alien
Author/Illustrator:Daniel Kirk
"Reviewed" by: Mathowie

I don't know if he meant to enter it into the contest, but Matt Haughey posted this picture to his flickr photostream today:

My favorite page in Hush, Little Alien

"If that shooting star's too hot,
Pappa's gonna
find you
an astronaut"

if you zoom in on the original, you can see the astronauts are terrified. It's great.


Beyond Hush Little Alien, I'd say Where Willy Went is the weirdest book we own.


The story of sperm, in cartoon form.

My personal favorite is "Squids will be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables" by Scieszka and Smith. One story is about a bragging contest between a duckbilled platypus and "beefsnackstick." Good morals; exceptionally random and hilarious storylines.

oh no! hush little alien is out of print?? this book is so much fun and was a huge hit with both my girls. (i actually got it because it's a non-vomitous bedtime book starring a daddy.) i also like that the alien kid (of indeterminate gender, fwiw) screws up (darn unpredictable laser!) and rather than the daddy either berating the wee alien or pulling a let-daddy-fix-it that in real life causes children to become entitled little wads, the daddy helps the kid fix the problem him/her/itself. good lesson! and this book actually ducks the ickiness of this SONG, which is usually about mama buying all kinds of crap for the kid (and then replacing it!). oh, and don't worry about the astronaut--he hits when captured! (both my kids would look at the page and yell "TIME OUT!" at the astronaut.) the art's really fun too. our copy's now five years old and held together with tape -- it's been seriously loved.

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