June 30, 2006

Loong, Hard At-Home Dad Article From Esquire

Every time I read an in-depth article about the travails of family life with two little kids, especially when it's about a family barely scraping by where the dad's an ex-Marine who's taking care of the kids while struggling to finish college, I think to myself, "I sure hope that writer made himself useful during his stakeout, even if it's just holding the baby and watching the 3-yo watch TV for a few minutes while the dad grabs a quick shower.

Because otherwise, I don't know how I could rationalize the existence of a piece that seems like it only benefits the reader. I mean, it's not like it's going to result in a groundswell of political support for a Shun Duckworth's Law that provides health and childcare for vets while they study; or that gives vets their own washer/dryer so they don't have to spend $40/wk doing 20 loads of laundry.

The man does 20 loads of laundry a week, people!

Fifty Grand in San Diego [esquire.com via dt buddy matt at lowculture]

1 Comment

When I first saw that aricle I said to myself "Well, they coulda saved a little money by not buying that $700 Shermag glider recliner that Shun is sitting in."

And then I felt bad about myself.

[yeah, just wait till he's dragging that thing down the street in his robe, goin', "All I need is my dog, my phone book, and my chair. My Shermag glider recliner chair." -ed.]

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