June 30, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: Good Dog, Carl

good_dog_carl.gifTitle:Good Dog, Carl
Author/Illustrator: Alexandra Day
Reviewed by: Jacqueline

The Story: Mother leaves baby Madeline home alone to be babysat by the pet Rottweiler, Carl. "Look after the baby, Carl. I'll be back shortly." While the Mother is out of the house, the dog feeds, washes changes and returns baby to the crib. Thats the intended story. However, looking at the pictures the baby gets into all kinds of dangerous situations like having a 2 story fall thru the laundry chute and into the fish tank for a swim.

This story scares me on many levels. Its amazing the baby survived the falls, swim and being left alone with a Rottweiler. This is just the first in a series of books where the baby is left alone to be tended by the Rottweiler, Carl.

This book was given to my nephew as their family had a Rottweiler when he was young, but fortunately unlike Madeline, he was never left alone in the care of the Rottweiler.

1 Comment

This is child abuse, plain and simple. Madeline's mother should be incarcerated.

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