June 29, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: The Adventures of Super Pickle

Title: The Adventures of Super Pickle
Author/Illustrator: Dean Walley, Mike Strouth [illustr.], Dick Dudley [paper engineering]
Reviewed by: Jared
Link: Everything Pop-Up! at RobertSabuda.com

As a child I loved this insanely weird pop-up book. It literally disintegrated from use. I believe it is out of print but I found this web entry documenting the book. Please let me know if any one has come across this book and where I might purchase a copy.

From Robert Sabuda's Super Pickle page:


What does a Super Pickle do? He fights vegetable crime! Duh! Here Super Pickle works over an evil head of cabbage. I think another reason I liked this book so much is because I absolutely hated (and still do) cooked cabbage.

[ed. note: abebooks.com currently lists one copy in good condition, with all popups working--for $249.95. One turned up on eBay for $26 in April, though. And another copy just sold for $86 on eBay a few minutes ago. And yes, Jared asked me to hold this until he could try to buy the book. ]


Anyone interested in buying a mint copy of this book FBO over $300.00 Can contact me.

Oh dear! I wonder about this book, cos when I was a child, my cousin karla had one of this.

We just enjoyed a lot reading it.

I want a copy too!

snif :)

As a Pickel myself, this book was key to me adjusting to a name the was not easy to miss. At a time in my childhood where teesing was a major issues, this book was given to me by my parents as a way for me to adjust. I wish I had it now as a memory.

Daniel R. Pickel

I will be listing a brand new,unopened copy on June 16, 2013 on Ebay.

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