June 28, 2006

This Is How We Roll: Great Plains Edition


A DT reader from gun country sent this in. He spotted it outside the local hospital. "Hopefully this isn't some newborn's ride home," he says of the Browning Special Edition Polaris Sportsman 700 outfitted with an Oshkosh infant carseat from Evenflo [sorry, it's discontinued.]

Did he at least ask about it? No. "Out here on the edge of the Great Plains, we don't care for no one tellin' how to raise our young'uns."

Point taken. I would just say that, on the plus side, given the absence of risk from either an air bag or a windshield impact, I don't think the forward facing infant seat is a big deal here. And while there are at least two sources for camo carseat covers, neither offers the Mossy OakѢ Break UpѢ pattern seen here. Yet.

And given the 300lb capacity of that rear storage rack, maybe Polaris should look at offering LATCH on its 2007 models. It'd beat the hell outta that bungee cord [see below].



Awesome! If this is not further evidence that we live in the world's greatest country, then I don't know what is. Just another sign of our ingenuity and innovation. God bless America!

Just outfit that kid with a set of goggles to keep the bugs out and a Remington Model 870 Express Jr. and you can pick up some yummy venison (Low fat! High protein! All natural!) on the way home.

I wonder the catapult range of that bungee cord... on second thought, no I don't

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