June 28, 2006

The Mercedes B-for-Bugaboo-Class


I like to check in on Mercedes Benz Canada every once in a while, mostly because they have the Smart and the B-Class, and I want them.

According to their own marketing--specifically, the new B-Class microsite, theanswerisb.ca--the B-Class is the Bugaboo of Mercedeses. So if just 10%--or let's shoot for 25%--of US Bugaboo owners emailed MBUSA and asked if the B-Class is ever going to be sold here...

Loaded, the Mercedes Benz B200 Turbo maxes out at a very Bugaboo-esque $50,000 CN ($45,000 US) [theanswerisb.ca]

1 Comment

The Bugaboo of cars? So does that mean if you live in the city, it has all the features you need, but if you live in the suburbs and drive one, you are just being pretentious?

I kid! I kid!

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