June 28, 2006

Q. How Does The Media Talk About Adoption? A. Awkwardly

Reporter Sara Kiesler takes a look at how references to adoption are and aren't relevant to stories in the media. And given that a third of the US population has adoption experience "within their immediate families," she has some suggestions for how reporters could address the issue with some sensitivity and intelligence.

Adopted: When It Fits, When It Doesn't, and Why [poynter.org via tmn]


Speaking as one, I think we prefer being identified as Adopted-American.

Actually, like her article states, it's not really ever necessary as a quantifier, except in the privacy of your doctors office.

Another adopted kid chiming in here that it really pisses me off when I see that in headlines. It seems especially prevalent in celebrity stories. Like we all need to know (or care) whether Nicole Kidman's kids are adopted. We get it already - adoption is the new black. Move on.

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