June 28, 2006

2008 Acura MDX Spy Shots

acura_mdx_spyshots_wcf.jpgWorldCarFans has spyshots of a very lightly disguised production version of the 2008 Acura MDX, which it reports will go on sale in early 2007.

Major changes include big wheel well flares--oh, wait, that's kind of minor--a longer wheelbase, and longer rear doors, both expected to improve access to the third row of seats. Big non-change includes sticking with the V6 and not adding a V8.

My mom has an MDX, and it's one of the least SUV-like SUV-like vehicles I've driven. Very nice.

Spy Photos: Acura MDX
[worldcarfans.com via jalopnik]


The Honda Pilot is based off the same platform as the Acura MDX and drives just as well, if not better, in my opinion. Of course it doesn't come with all of the Acura bells and whistles, but it doesn't come with the price tag either.

The new 2007-2008 Acura MDX is *nothing* like the Honda Pilot!

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