June 27, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: Who Needs Donuts?

Title: Who Needs Donuts?
Author/Illustrator: Mark Alan Stamaty
Reviewed by: Shannon

I have to start out by saying I love this book. But, I am a bit weird that way. The main character is Sam, a sweet lovable boy who wants to collect donuts in the city. As everyone knows the city is a strange place and the people he befriends are a bit odd. Mr. Bikferd (the donut collector) has a bit of a pedophile vibe and the "Sad Old Woman" is a toothless nagging bag lady. But the message of the book is that love is more important than things. And if it takes a bag lady and a creepy fat guy to teach that, so be it.

Oh, and the illustrations are amazing! It makes me feel like I'm in NYC every time I flip open the pages.


Throughout college, a friend had a beatup version of this. It was always an eye pleaser at parties, and just recently it was reprinted (after being our fo print for decades!).

I second this one!

"Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" - my favorite child book. Artwork reminds me of the original post's subject.

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