June 26, 2006

Salon Gets All Carson Daly For 'Kindie Rock'

You say Grup Music, Salon says Kindie Rock, let's call the whole thing off. Salon's Scott Lamb takes a look at kids music that parents don't hate, including a bunch of Dan Zanes collaborators [Nick Cave, Natalie Merchant, Lou Reed, &c.], TMBG [of course], Laurie Berkner, and Justin Roberts. And that's just in the excerpt from Boing Boing!

Seriously, if the kid's ever going to resent me for something [besides blogging about her, that is], it's probably going to be her woeful music deprivation. Except for my heavy whispered cover of "Under The Bridge" by the Chili Peppers--the only slow song that popped into my head one March 2004 night during a rock-back-to-sleep session, and which has stuck with us for 2+ years--she gets hardly any music at all, I fear. And yet, she pretends to follow along to the notes in the hymnal at church [she's had a prodigy-like fascination with sheet music forever, which I find inexplicable.]

Anyway, the way Lamb describes it, all I have to do to get the kid up to speed is watch Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin, "TRL" for what is an XM Radio exec calls the "MTV for preschoolers." So apparently, I'm already too lame for my kid.

Kindie Rock [salon via boingboing]

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