June 20, 2006

Swingo Rocking Toy By Ergo Design. Just Like The Stokke Hippo? Huh?

ergo_swingo_rocking_toy.jpgSo there's a secret underground economy in Europe where cool-looking rocking toys are traded out of sight of prying American eyes? What is up with that?

I hope Jan from Kidsrepublic doesn't get his Euro design guru card revoked for tipping me off to the Swingo, which appears to be made by the same company as the Hippo: Stokke of Norway. No wait, ergo:design! of Germany.

That might explain why the Stokke website doesn't have any mention of the Hippo, but it doesn't explain why the Hippo had a Stokke label on it. Either way, ergo:design! lists the Hippo, the Swingo, and another rocking tig, the Twin, as their products. And while the best-looking to me is still the Hippo, the Swingo's single, cantilevered birch ply curve is undeniably dramatic--and yet it's pretty spare, too, just a single line.

Go ahead and stuff that kid full of rice cereal, no problem; the Swingo's weight-tested to a full 80kg.

Swingo Rocking Toy, EUR160 from Ergo:Design! [ergo-design-gmbh.de via jan at kidsrepublic.nl]
Previously: the Stokke [?] Hippo, the Svan Scooter

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