June 18, 2006

Happy Dadblog's Day!

Did you know that in Iceland, Father's Day is called "the day after Independence Day?" and it's usually celebrated by nursing a hangover and waiting for the tinnitus from last night's Icelandic death-metal concert to wear off?

Meanwhile, in the US, the holiday is celebrated by writing articles about dadblogs.

21st-century dads turn to blogs for help [by Paul Nyhan at the Seattle P-I, who also publishes the paper's excellent parenting blog, Working Dad. great list of dadblogs here.]

Rise of the Daddy blog [by Brooke Showell for the NY Daily News, with nice representin' from Daddy Drama]

Hey, dude, are you there? It's me, daddyblogger. [Joe Gross for the Austin American-Statesman, which stars Metrodad, Thingamababy, Modern Day Dad, and Neal Pollack batting cleanup.]

Far from being a me too kind of story, though, each is different, and each has solid local angles; dadblogs are the new hotness, people, so watch what you say on the playground.

1 Comment

Great to see these dads getting props. MetroDad in particular run a great blog.

In addition to the guys on the right hand side of your screen, I also recommend Kemp's Blog, Mr. Big Dubya, Cynical Dad and Pet Cobra.

I could go on...there are many more...but follow their blogrolls and you're find some great writers and dads.

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