June 17, 2006

Sweet Juniper On Sweet Noguchi Playgrounds

Dutch works his blogging magic, writing in fascinating depth on the innovative, modernist playground designs by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Noguchi proposed many playgrounds all over the world, but few were ever built. In his hometown of New York, especially, Noguchi's undulating landscapes were constantly thwarted by Robert Moses, the guy who wanted to raze SoHo to build an elevated expressway across Manhattan.

Anyway, I've come across several Noguchi designed toys and playground designs while researching the history of Creative Playthings. There turns out to be a whole history of progressive-minded, modernist-inspired, education-centered children's design in post-WWII America which I was barely aware of. Noguchi and his rarely realized playgrounds were at the center of this activity, so high five to Dutch for a sweet sweet look.

Noguchi Playgrounds [sweet juniper]

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