June 15, 2006

Flying, BRB

I'm at the airport, en rouote to Iceland for a little R&R with the Mrs and some mossy waterfalls. I hear Reykjavik's freakin' with baby stores and Danish-style pram gridlock. I'll have some reports, but posting'll be light. Seeya


Oh man, you're going to love Iceland. Great time of year to go too. Very jealous. If you've got time, head into the country- Hveragerdi is close and interesting, and Akureyri is not close at all, but interesting. The ring road around the coast is stunning. If nothing else, do one of the 4x4 day trips out to Hekla and Pingvellir (thingvellir- don't have the funny p key on this keyboard).

[you are the Scott-of-all-trades, man, seriously. We're staying in Pingvellir, actually, and going to Landmannalauger tomorrow. serious landscape. of course, it's pouring rain 24/7. -ed.]

i'm going to Reykjavik for my honeymoon in a few weeks, you must dish when you get back and tell me what to see and do... not necessarily shopping for baby gear, but any info is appreciated. thanks muchly.

I've withnessed the following in Reykjavik on the Langavegur during a brief February hail storm. Pram parked outside a cafe with one of those clear plastic covers with the child in the pram. This is the part of Langavegur where the incline is about 1:1. Amazed that the kid wasn't stolen by a troll, accidentally sent hurtling down the street or pelted mercilessly by hail.

[saw an easy dozen today, in the driving rain. all presumably snug in their rain gear-covered prams. this always blows me away. -ed..]

I have very little to offer other than I have been to Keflavick Naval Air Station and it was quite frankly, one of the ugliest places I have ever been. I also flew there on a C-130 which would be like taking the $10 China Town-Boston bus across the country. This picture would be a highlight.


My flight was free, but it did require me to join the Marines.

[glad you made it out. -ed.]

Good luck with the trip and get us all some good post material while you're there. I'm very envious, I've always wanted to visit Iceland.

And clean out your mailbox! I sent you an email two days ago and it was returned because your inbox was full.

Happy Fathers' Day

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