June 13, 2006

Solar-Powered Wooden Helicopter


Breastfeeding battles wearing you down? Worried that parenting is basically 18 years of barely being able to control your rage until the brat gets out of the house?

How about something magical to cheer up your spirits? Like a toy that combines the classical, minimalistic simplicity of a simple wood shape with the high-tech wizardry of Carter administration-era science?

OK, maybe "magic" is a bit strong, but you've gotta admit, this solar-powered wooden helicopter is pretty cool. It looks like it came straight out of a 60's Creative Playthings catalogue, but just put it in the sun, and the little rotor on top spins all by itself. Easy genius.

And yours for just $32 at Plastica, in any of 5 colors or natural wood finish [plasticashop.com via dt reader/mediator kaz]

1 Comment

Whoa, that is sweet. I can't wait til my son is past the gnawing stage to try that out.

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