June 13, 2006

Polish Twig Crayons, Two Fitty


I mean, two fitty each.

That's right, these awesome looking Inntrax crayons are made in Poland from forest salvage, underbrush and branches of birch, willow, and ash, which are then cut to crayon shape, dried, and loaded at each end like a cannoli with crayon wax. I could do without the twiggy little basket, frankly, maybe a nice white tray instead. But these are still the sweetest twig crayons I've ever seen. [sic]

They're environmentally pristine, non-toxic, and should be sharpened by an adult. [As if the kid's even found the sharpener on the back of her suddenly-ghetto 64-color Crayola box, much less tried to use it. I have a feeling parents are the sole crayon sharpeners for the first few years no matter how much their kid's crayons cost.]

Cost? If you have to ask...let me put it this way: you will save every drawing and scribble your kid makes with these things. A basket of 60 twig crayons is $150. A little sampler of 8 crayons is $20. If you have sticker shock, check with the newly reopened Le Cirque to see if they hand these bad boys out to kids who eat lunch there.

The 60-pack is at Vivre, and the 8-pack is at Our Green House [vivre.com, ourgreenhouse.com]

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