June 12, 2006

One Of These Vintage Cosco Chairs Is Not Like The Others


Maybe one of the things that's so rare about those Cosco chairs is that Cosco actually made something decent-looking at one point. Judging from this vintage ad for sale on eBay, they made a lot of cheap-looking junk in the 50's, too. [see the full image here]

But then, whoa, what is that swoopy chrome thing at the bottom right of the ad? It's called a Baby Jumper, and those swoopy chrome curves look pretty Seuss-tastic. The proportions are a little off, but it shows that there was at least one lyrical maverick somewhere in the Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation of Columbus, Indiana.

Has anyone ever seen one of these things in person? More importantly, do Yves Behar and Fleurville know about this?

COSCO kids chairs jumper play cart etc 1955 Ad [ebay]


I've seen the Cosco jumper chair in person -- I may even have one in the basement. Lyrical lines, but (like modern Cosco) serious engineering flaws. Staying upright was not one of its virtues -- this baby (and yours) flopped right, left and backwards. A genuine deathtrap, but oh, so cool to view!

Not only SAW one, but this WAS my high chair growing up. (Second in from L)

In the, er, midtolatesixties I was the youngest of a long line of cousins, so the folks didn't have to spring for much. I remember it always smelling of sour milk, and the vinyl sticking to my bare legs in the summer.

One was on eBay on June 4th - Auction # 6284255145. Went for the bargain price of $9. The completed listings still have their photos for reference.

i just bought the jumper one at an estate sale today. it had been used on 2 generations of kids already and was still going strong. it has really cool wooden colored beads and a bell on a rod in front of tray. the real precursor to the minature play stations they have for our spoiled rotten kids today. i just became a grandma and my new grandson's carrier (ie playstation) needs a manual to figure it out!

If anyone knows where I ca find a cosco chrome tray please e-mail me at jostylist@yahoo.com.

Have you found a cocso highchair yet.....I have one that is in great condition....it is yellow vinal with crome tray and legs.....I bought it in 1960 and my 3 children loved it.....very easy to take anywhere......it folds down.....

I have two old cosco stools. One swivels, both have chrome. Where can
I look for pictures, or sell them? Both have chrome and red seats. brennedi@yahoo.com

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