June 10, 2006

Wagon Spy Shots Roundup: Scion xB, Mercedes C

Spy shots of the wagons that might be in your future, if you're in the wagon market in, say, 2007 or 2008, respectively [via jalopnik]:

  • While driving to the car wash, a Scionlife poster spotted a new Scion xB on the freeway. If the current xB is a bread truck, the new xB is a "bread for an 8-foot party sandwich" truck. My jury's still out. [scionlife]
  • What's gonna happen to the E-Class? Though the new C-class wagon won't debut until 2008, it'll have sane hybrid and insane C63 AMG options. It's got a longer wheelbase, and it's taking features and design cues from the new S-Class. Which, unfortunately, has taken design cues from the new Camry. [autocar]
  • And while I'm on the subject, why is there no Camry wagon? Or no Accord wagon? Or no Civic wagon? It's been months, but those new Civics still turn my head [The Camry, not so much].


    Volvo should plop out a new V70 in late 2007.

    There were Camry and Accord wagons years ago. I still see them occasionally.

    Is it more American to buy a Volvo wagon built in Sweden (but Volvo is a division of Ford) or is it more American to buy a Toyota built in the US? I guess, American isn't the right word. I'm having "buy local" urges. It seems we need to stop shipping dollars overseas by the boatload.

    Naturally, when the 2007 X3 is released in a few months, I'll toss those ideas and get one. I hear the interior is totally redone and improved (which is what they can afford to do now that the new X5 is almost here as well).

    The new X5 is built in the US. Maybe that's local?

    Dude, the moment Little Mary Sunshine, Chang & Eng don't need car/booster seats anymore, I'm buzz-sawing the Sienna and and going for the bread truck. I loved it prior to the Mini (um, van), but JJ Daddy-O couldn't figure out how to stuff that many car seats, and convinced me otherwise. Or, in retrospect, perhaps it was just his great need for affirmation coming out....

    [Chang & Eng, LOL. is there a conjoined twin carseat out there somewhere? -ed.]

    The new V70 will be 100% Ford, which means it will probably be based on the Mazda 6, like every other freaking Ford product (except for the ones based on the Mazda 3 of course). The current V70 is still essentially an 850.

    If you want a good reason to be pissed off at US Honda, check out the Accord wagon they sell in Europe

    The European accord is based on the Acura TSX. If they sold this car here I would buy one right now.

    Considering US-built Hondas and Toyotas are also largely designed here, I think that is more "local" than buying a BMW that is designed in Germany and built in South Carolina, although they too are starting to do a lot of engineering there as well.

    The Highlander is essentially a Camry wagon. One could argue that the Pilot is an Accord wagon but it's a bit of a stretch. Want a nice Japanese wagon, go with the Subaru Legacy wagon from the company that never abandoned the wagon concept.

    [and all you'll need is a townhouse in The Slope and you're done! -ed.]

    What about the MINI traveler? Still great for city parking but has extra space for kids, stuff. Should be out in the next two years according to MINI [link at autoblog]

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