June 10, 2006

Unidentified Man Rocks Camo Car Seat Cover

gavin_rossdale_camo_carseat.jpgNow we know what unidentified man was cheering about after unannounced baby shower a while back.

The car seat itself is a Graco, most likely the SafeSeat. But seriously, I hope you're not basing your car seat purchase decision on whether some random dude in a parking garage happened to be carrying one when he got accosted by photographers.

The car seat cover, on the other hand... unless the orange piping is a dead giveaway that it's by someone else....

update: it is. This camo carseat cover is by Little Bits, and it comes with or without piping, with or without monograms. Unfortunately, it doesn't come without waiting 4-6 weeks; apparently, a couple of random strangers in parking garages are all it takes to sell out the stock on hand. Even at $138.

update update 6/17: Little Bits cracked the whip and got it's authentic, used-by-Angelenos-in-parking-garages camo carseat covers back in stock. Whew.

But if you want camo without the piping, without the wait (at the moment, anyway), Sorella Baby makes them, too. There's also a camouflauge toddler seat-sized version. Either one is $45+$10 shipping, or as I like to call it, $72 less than random guy's version. [image: wenn via trent]

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The camo car seat cover is created by a cool company called Little Bits- also created covers recently seen on the Today show and in May's issue of InStyle for Kate Hudson's mothers day pick...
Log into http://www.littlebits.com. The covers are made with Camo and Orange Piping, and Camo with Pink Piping and fit both infant and toddler seats.

[mi 'scusi, Sorella. And thanks for the tip, representative of Little Bits. -ed.]

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