June 9, 2006

Eames' Power Of Ten On YouTube

While I wanted to get the kid some Eames' House of Cards to play with from before she could even sit up, I hadn't thought of showing her Powers of Ten, the designer couples' classic math/science film, which they made for IBM [those were the days, huh?] in 1968. It's available on DVD in Vol. 1 of The Films of Charles & Ray Eames, too, if YouTubin' it's not enough to keep the kid's attention.

Ray and Charles Eames' film, Power of Ten [youtube via kottke]
ModernSeed has Eames' House of Cards in two sizes, plus several film volumes, including 1 and 2. The awesome Toccata for Toy Trains is on Vol. 2. [modernseed]


I loved the sun when I saw it. Next time will you tell that movie again? Thank you for saying a good one because I really liked it and please tell it again.

(Thanks, my daughter loved the movie.)

[my second-youngest reader! -ed.]

I am so overwhelmed. I love it. My wife and I recently inherited an Eames "Billy Wilder" Chair. The link to my family is strong in it.

The link of carbon is strong in all things, evidentally.
Nice presentation; thanks for your link.

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