June 8, 2006

Building A DiaperBridge To The 21st Century

diaperbridge.jpgYikes, if these DiaperBridge people had come out with their folding platform that turns any bathroom sink into a diaper changing table surface with just a few straps and belts [OK, a lot of straps and belts, but stay with me here], just a couple of years ago, I might never have started mapping out all the men's room changing tables in NYC.

But if that had happened, I wouldn've have had anything to talk to the Satellite Sisters about, so I'm afraid I have to categorically reject this invention out of hand.

BUT not before pointing out that, seriously, if all it takes to make a public restroom into a diaper changing-friendly environment is a $40 DiaperBridge, why don't stores, restaurants, and other changing table-free accommodations just get a couple? If they're worried, they can put them on giant wooden sticks like gas station bathroom keys so that no one walks off with them. Sheesh.

[diaperbridge.com, via thingamababy, who frankly doesn't see the need in suburbia]

1 Comment

Love the concept. How many times have you gone into a restroom and there was no changing table. The problem is that the diaperbridge looks really small. I checked out the website very quickly. It holds up to 40lbs. That's great. But the dimensions are 11x12x2 folded. That means the longest it can be is two feet. Can that be right? My kids both were born 20 inches long. So the useful life of that product doesn't seem like it would be very long. Unless you don't mind your child's head in a puddle of water.

[in answer to your rhetorical question, about 40 times in NYC alone. -ed.]

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