June 8, 2006

Baby Wants A Nipple, Daddy Needs A Drink

Santa Fe writer/dad Rob Wilder has just published his first book, Daddy Needs A Drink. It's a collection of stories--collected, from what I can tell, from his column in the Santa Fe Reporter--about the haps and mishaps of parenthood.

Wilder's Drink is dry, and makes me think of David Sedaris sometimes, and not just when he's telling a story of a boy, a leash, and an escape from a photo op with a Mall Santa, either. Here's a bit of a bit about his son London's thrill [ah, it starts young] with women's breasts:

After his mammilla discovery, London would be riding shotgun in a shopping cart, point at any woman B cup or larger and say, Look at those hipples, dad! or You like those hipples, dad? I like them! or Those hipples are sooo big. I would be lying if I said that a few women didnt look at my ring finger after Londons bad pickup line. I guess theres something to be learned from such honesty and directness. The majority, however, did not enjoy such papillan scrutiny in the produce section at Albertsons.
You can stalk Wilder [or read more excerpts] at his website [robwilder.com]
And you can buy Daddy Needs A Drink at Amazon, where it's a finalist for the Longest Subtitle EVAR Award [amazon.com]
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Juniper, meanwhile, saves her sweet "booboobs!" shoutouts for the nude road racers of San Francisco. [sweet juniper]

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