June 7, 2006

Dan Zane Rallies Brooklyn Arena Protestors Before Naptime

A protest concert/fundraiser by Dan Zanes for the group, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, was as good a reason as any for a NY Observer reporter to train her bemused, investigative eye on the Brooklyn baby scene.

The group is raising money to fight developer Bruce Ratner's plan to build a basketball arena surrounded by 17 skyscrapers [designed by Frank Gehry, but still skyscrapers] near the Brownstone Street, USA section of Brooklyn.

And that's all fine, but the real value of the article is the outsider's glimpse it provides of city life with children. I mean, I can still remember a time when I, too, would've stared at stroller parking [for the record, it doesn't sound like it was valet] and scratched my head going, "dude, you have a baby strapped to your chest!"

Slope Opera: The Brooklyn-geoisie Valet Parks Strollers To Stomp New Arena [observer.com]

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