June 6, 2006

Dutch Artist Made This Kid's Chair Out Of Shelf Brackets


I found this cool children's chair, made from standard bookshelf brackets and wood by Rotterdam-based artist Helmut Smits. He doesn't know it, but Smits' latest sculpture is an eerie almost-portrait of me: it's a system for turning Diet Coke into water.


Childrens Chair, 2003, L: 46 cm W: 40 cm H: 69 cm
The Real Thing, 2006 [helmutsmits.nl via makezine]


Need some rubber feet on that chair or the wooden floor will be ruined.

[good point (no pun intended) -ed.]

It would be kind of cool to put rubber balls on the bottom. All you would have to do is cut a slit in the ball and pop it on.

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