June 6, 2006

Amazon Doubles Down: Pampers & 7th Gen Promotions At Once

pampers_swaddlers.jpg seventh_generation_diapers.jpg

And I thought it was tricky when they ran a combined Pampers & Luvs promotion. Ahh, simpler times.

Now Amazon's running a now-familiar $99/30 promotion on Pampers AND Luvs AND Kandoo products through June 30th. [Order $99 or more of qualifying products now, and get a $30 Amazon certificate later, some time in August.]

AND they're also offering a separate Seventh Generation deal, too, and this one has instant savings. [how many exclamation points should go here? I don't know, so I opt for none.] If you order $99 or more of 7G, you get $20 instant credit. Just use the promotion code, 7THGEN20 at checkout.

With both promos, be sure to check and follow the rules, otherwise you'll only end up with full priced products delivered conveniently to your door. Which is fine, I'm sure, as long as the kid's still wearing that size diaper. Still, if you're gonna do it, go for the free money.

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we've recently switched from 7th gen to tushies as they are an all natural gel-free biodegradable diaper. 7th gen has gel in their material which is great for soaking up the kid juice, but can be slightly toxic and heats up when wet (causing irritation to sensitive skin, research for more info on that and other scientific facts).

[hm, you mean irritating to some skintypes, toxic like everyone's teflon pans, or toxic like chernobyl? not that I doubt your scientific facts, just that I've never had a burning sensation to get rid of the gel diapers. -ed.]

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