June 5, 2006

Now I Feel Kind Of Dirty


Braddy Types: Parenting wisdom from the films of Brad Pitt [braddytypes.com]

[jumped? or were they pushed? I just saw this on cbb : " I even heard that organizers in the gifting suite industry consider celebrity babies to have jumped the shark."]


Please oh please tell me you didn't personally scour his entire oeuvre...

But mighty, er, informative :)

[Well, I've been trying to collect every international DVD release of Meet Joe Black--or as I like to call it, Architectural Digest: The Movie--for years now, so it's really not much of a stretch. -ed.]


[you're tellin' me. -ed.]

one of the more creative uses of the IMDB quotes section I have ever seen. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt Greg, and assuming that you are not watching all these movies and transcribing them word for word.

I'm just waiting for the quotes from "Cool World," with respect to Mr. Pitt's thoughts on human/cartoon interaction.

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