June 3, 2006

Minivan Madness Roundup


I can't bring myself to do an actual Minivan Week yet, but here are an unsettling number of interesting minivan-related tips I got from dt readers jj daddy and, why, they're all from jj daddy. Wonder what kind of car he's contemplating...

  • the Austin Lounge Lizards' song, "Hey, Little Minivan," [lyrics here] can be purchased on iTunes. They're Boomers, and so they sound a little Magic 95FM themselves, but it's still pretty funny.
  • The sales copy for the Automoblox M9 "Sportvan" pretty much sums it up: "The Automoblox M9 comfortably seats eight of our cool blue people. The extra-long passenger compartment and additional seating for four in the rear block give this vehicle the longest wheelbase in the lineup. Now your child can build a minivan like mom's that even dad will want to drive!" [exclamation point added for pathos.] It's $30 online.
  • If minivans make you, you know, frisky, last week's New Yorker had a cartoon by Kim Warp that should really get you going.
  • And if not that, then how about this? Do I really need to sell it any more than the title already does? "Giant saw-thing obliterates minivan." Enjoy.


    No contemplating about it, bubba, I am firmly ensconced in mini-van land.
    But I take heart in the fact that, as that writer in the LA Times that Greg quoted last month said " [a minivan is] proof positive that you have had successful and productive congress with the opposite sex. Can you say as much for a Corvette? I don't think so."
    I have to take my affirmations where I can get them.

    Good lord, dear. If we had any more productive congress, we'd be driving this or perhaps even this.

    [enough already, you two. Get a sitter and a parking spot somewhere! -ed.]

    There was a time when I would have watched that video over and over again. These days, I look and wonder whether they had the foresight to drain all the fluids from the minivan before destroying it. If not, they'll be spending a fortune on cleanup and testing before the EPA will let them sell that plot.

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